Steam theme for Slack

Published on 04 October 2015

For the most part, we office-working keyboard monkeys don't get to play many games while we're at work. If you work in a so-called 'modern' workplace with nap rooms and masseuses, you may have access to a PlayStation or Xbox, but us computer gamers are left out in the cold until 5:00 PM rolls around. (PC master race proven to be more productive during work hours?)

So, in order to provide just a tiny bit of solace to my fellow PC gamers, I've created a sidebar theme for Slack that imitates the Steam friends list color scheme.

To try out my theme, when you're in Slack, go to Preferences, and choose the Sidebar Theme option. Click the link that says customize your theme and share it with others and paste the following hex codes into the bottommost text box.

#161616, #5F5F5F, #292A2E, #B6EB4B, #1F2933, #FFFFFF, #68CBF2, #F13C32

Your sidebar colors will change and look something like this:

Steam Theme for Slack

Now your colleagues look a lot more fraggable.

3 frags left

See you in-game?